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We take pride in being a small and traditional primary care practice where individualized care is our top priority. Providing efficient and effective personal care to our patients, we see each patient as an individual rather than a number. Our patients are like extended family and therefore, we try our best to continue to be first-class patient advocates.
We strongly believe in CONTINUITY OF CARE  and Dr Anwar is the only provider in the community that admits and takes care to its patients at  Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital. 


Our Doctor

Dr. Anwar is a Board Certified Internist with over 20 years of practicing experience. He is a third generation physician who takes 

great pride in his work and being a physician is more than just a profession to him. He finished his medical training at Catholic Medical Center of Queens and Brooklyn in 1996, relocated to Poughkeepsie in 1998 and has been an active part of this community since. He admits patients at both Vassar Brothers and Mid Hudson Regional Hospitals. 

Asghar Anwar, MD

Our Staff

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Practice History and Philosophy

    This practice has been on this location since the early 1970s. Dr Anwar took over in 2001 and established Mid-Hudson Primary Medical Care .

Our practice is built on the fundamentals of Medicine, CompassionTrust  and Commitment to its patients. 

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